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The Originator

Karen Dean is a highly experienced and inspirational coach, whose interest lies in taking people 'beyond where they dare imagine', in their chosen field.

Karen has a track record of 20 years of coaching individuals and teams in a business context. As Managing Director of Diabolo Limited she has delivered over 10,000 hours of coaching with many hundreds of clients, in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, and USA.

Karen has a passion and vision for exceptional team working. me:myteam is her original idea, me:myteam on line coaching tool - is raising the bar for team performance.

Karen Dean

Personal Message From Karen

"I am passionate about coaching and its ability to unlock team performance. Teams need new and effective solutions for the ongoing challenges of today. I believe in our inherent ability to align together and to find our own answers.

A quality framework for thinking through what is important is a valuable aide for growth. me:myteam is designed for a team looking for improved performance in a fast, effective and stimulating way.

I wanted to crystallize the essence of what I have noticed, experienced and understood during my coaching work. I wanted to share this knowledge with teams who are ready to grow and who are curious about themselves and the situations that impact the way they work together now.

me:myteam is the result of a moment of deep insight during one of my own coaching sessions. The structure that came to me then evolved. I spent six years developing, refining, validating and testing it with the teams who have been my clients. It was important to me that the tool was accessible and easy to use, given the constraints on our time and attention. The tool's apparent simplicity disguises deep sophistication.

me:myteam is situation specific, dynamic and interactive. The menu of potential interventions will guide the way forward. me:myteam process is a way of turning frustration into engagement. Be curious, be productive! Enjoy!"