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What is me:myteam?

  • me:myteam is an online team facilitation tool
  • It measures team performance and behaviour
  • This tool gives a framework for describing the way the team works, now
  • It offers direction for improving behaviour and productivity for the future
  • me:myteam invites commitment to an action plan which delivers
  • It uses team coaching best practice to assist any facilitator

When does it add value?

  • When a team is thinking through current challenges
  • While a team is developing new ways of working
  • When aligning and building trust - critical for delivery
  • When enabling virtual team members to communicate
  • Gathering information and measures at the start of team facilitation
  • Measuring actual progress through a series of team interventions

Where did it come from?

An original idea from Karen Dean:

  • Twenty years of experience with over 10,000 hours coaching delivery
  • Karen wants to share her knowledge in a simple and powerfully effective way
  • She is offering a refreshing new option for working with teams
  • me:myteam gives hard measures and direction for great team performance
  • Tested and verified over 6 years of practice
  • me:myteam is underpinned by a complex 54 point model

me:myteam is based on the Exceptional Achievement model. This suggests that High Performing Teams:

  • Have clarity of vision and purpose
  • Establish trust and belief which aligns their activity
  • Deliver and feel motivated to work together
  • Innovate without feeling threatened or over-controlled
  • Unlock potential, readily sharing their experience and knowledge
  • Enjoy strong professional relationships which sustain the team

How does a team use it?

The process is simple to manage and a facilitator is fully self-sufficient:

Setting up:

  • Buy sufficient logins for each team member from this web site see [Learn how to buy]
  • Allocate the logins to team e-mails from this web site when you are ready

Team members each visit www.memyteam.com and log on

Individual Contributions:

  • me:myteam invites the individual to respond to thirty statements – how are we working together, in this context, now?
  • Responding to the statements takes approximately five minutes
  • A graphical output is then revealed
  • The team performance is described to reflect the respondent’s input

The full team’s opinion:

  • Our system gathers all the results
  • Once three people have contributed data the team average is available
  • This average is further updated as each member completes and now can be viewed by the facilitator
  • Anonymity of the team is protected by the me:myteam system

Facilitator’s resources:

  • A hexagonal chart of the average scores from all contributions - automatically produced
  • A facilitator will have access, as an administrator, to other useful charts including:
    • One chart showing every contribution so that the variety of contributions is evident
    • A chart illustrating the highest and lowest contributions, anonymously, to show spread
    • Potential Interventions are offered, respectful input to the facilitator’s creativity

During an Event:

  • A facilitator is more informed about the context and challenges and can be well prepared
  • Using the outputs, showing the team the reality of now, stimulates valuable conversations
  • The team can then agree on what good looks like for each of the six factors
  • This creates a platform for action plans to be developed in line with these
  • The team can then focus on common goals and improvements

Next steps - Measures:

  • Progress can be measured at a point in the future, by revisiting the process

Buy online or licensing options

Buying online for facilitators:

  • Buy through our secure facility, using a credit card
  • Just click the buy online button on the home page
  • Purchase as many logins as necessary
  • The minimum purchase is for three logins – to ensure anonymity of contributions
  • The system sets you up as an administrator
  • This means that you can assign logins to others via e-mail accounts
  • You will be able to set up programmes of activity across a range of clients when and as required

For more information see [How does a team use it?]

Licensing options: Organisations:

  • me:myteam can be made readily available to an organisation by taking out an annual licence
  • This presents the possibility of white labelling which means the tool can be presented with your brand identity
  • We are able to facilitate installation of the tool on your business intranet giving ready access to your leaders and their teams
  • We support you by training internal facilitators and HR professionals to use me:myteam